Better Together Grief Awareness Café

Join us at our Better Together Grief Awareness café at Volpo Lounge on Thursday 7th December, 10:30am - 12noon.

2nd – 8th December is National Grief Awareness Week

This national campaign is led by The Good Grief Trust and their 2023 campaign is all about raising the awareness of the support available to the bereaved.

Drop in event:

Volpo Lounge, Fosse Park West, Leicester, LE19 1HX

Thursday 7th December 2023

10:30am – 12 noon

Join us for a very special bake sale in aid if the Bodie Hodges Foundation. 

We’ll tell you about our bereavement services, the work we do and how you can access our support or get involved with supporting the charity whether you are an individual or a local business. 

We’ll explain how you can support grieving family and friends after the death of their child.

To find out more email us 


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