10 Years & Counting

Bodie’s death taught us that being a bereaved family is lonely and isolating, friends that you have known for years either stand by you or disappear. When we said goodbye to Bodie for the last time we promised him that we would do good things in his name, but we never imagined that we would be helping so many families after founding a charity 10 years ago.

As our grief matures and we become seasoned bereaved parents we have been able to reflect on how we have learnt to stay connected to Bodie as the years pass and learnt to find ways to bring him with us into each new year. This takes time and becomes a key focus of the 1-1 early therapeutic support we offer, and the peer support groups we run. 

We look forward to the next 10 years with a focus on providing bereavement support early on but also in creating a community that bereaved parents can continue to be involved with long after their 1-1 support ends. 

Thank you to those who are reading this who have been there from the start, your loyalty and support means the world to us. For those who have joined us along the way or are learning about us for the first time, we look forward to continuing to make good things happen in Bodie’s name.

Nick and Donna Hodges