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Together we can create a mutually beneficial partnership that has real impact. Grieving for a family is lifelong but you can help families to rebuild and remember so that they can find ways to carry their child’s memory into their future.

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Our Values

We are a valued driven charity, and we use our core values to drive the decisions that we make as an organisation, and you will see our values in the way we support our families, in our day-to-day work and with our team.

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Being there for families as they build the strength to see a future; by encouraging them to rebuild while always remembering. We are dedicated to providing families with the resources and guidance they need to rebuild and strengthen their bonds.

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You will be met with compassion by our whole team.  We act with care and empathy and meet individuals where they are at in their grief journey. We offer a safe space to explore their grief and talk freely about their child or sibling.

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We support families to become resilient because we acknowledge that grieving for a child or sibling is lifelong.  We do this by offering hope and compassion to support families as they learn to carry their grief, rebuild, continue connections with their child, and always remember.

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We always act with professionalism, in any situation you can be assured our actions are intentional, meaningful and caring.  Our team are friendly and approachable and work hard to create a safe space for families to share their children.  Our team work to high standards of confidentiality, communicate clearly and have a passion to always provide the best for those who work with us.

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We love to work with other organisations, charities, and businesses to provide the best support possible to our families.  We believe that a family should choose the best place for themselves to receive support as they grieve.  We work in partnership with other organisations which include Child Death Overview Panel team, Schools, colleges, other bereavement charities and businesses who may provide services to us free of charge.

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Choose us as your Charity of Choice and you’ll make a huge difference to parents, children and young people living in Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland.

Your dedicated fundraising account manager can help you achieve your corporate social responsibility objectives, by working closely with you to understand your business, the level of engagement you would like with our charity and the ways in which we can work together to support each other, including help with motivating your team to fundraise, planning events, providing you with Team Bodie branded materials and regularly communicating the impact of your support

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