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The death of a sibling is a deeply traumatic experience which can impact a child’s life in many ways. The unique relationship between siblings can mean that bereaved siblings face a specific set of challenges that can be difficult to navigate. 

Experiencing the death of a sibling means losing someone who is a part of who they are. Someone with whom they have shared memories, stories, and experiences. Siblings can feel as though a part of themselves is missing, and this sense of loss can be incredibly isolating. 

Bereaved siblings tell us that they feel isolated from their peers, struggle with low self-esteem and loss of hope. Our fully trained bereavement practitioners facilitate family and sibling coping mechanisms and encourage a family’s own resilience, improving and supporting mental health. 


We offer gentle therapeutic sessions for children and young people after the death of their brother or sister. These sessions typically involve having a safe space to talk about their brother or sister, understanding feelings of grief and making memories with age-appropriate activities. 

These sessions can be 1-1 sessions in school or at Bodie’s House. We also provide facilitated group sessions with siblings with similar lived experiences. 

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Our #TogetherProject is aimed at 11–16-year-olds living in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland who have been bereaved of a sibling. 

Activities that support your grief journey and the opportunity to meet with others with a similar experience. 

A variety of fun activities including sports, drama, arts, a film night, and pizza nights! 

Our next group is starting in November 2023 please complete this form if you would like to attend.

 To find out more about our upcoming sessions please email us or call 0116 243 6367