Bodie’s Bereavement Service

Supporting families bereaved of a child aged 18 and under living in Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland.

The death of a child is one of the most devastating experiences a parent can face. The Bodie Hodges Foundation believes that every family bereaved of a child should have access to early support that includes the whole family. We will work with the whole family, parents, and siblings as well as blended families. We are also passionate about supporting children with SEND following the death of a brother or sister. 

The early days following the death of a child can feel lonely and isolating, and bereaved families can be given a lot of advice about how to feel and what to do but we know that each of us grieve uniquely and so our service will meet you where you are in your grief and support you to grieve in your own way.

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Who do we support?

We support parents and children in the first two years after the child has died. Both individuals and families whose child was 18 or under when they died. Parents whose only child has died, as well as families with living children. Individuals and families of any faith or no faith.

Services we provide

Our aim is to provide holistic family centred support, which meets you where you are at, offers a safe space to process and understand your grief, to talk about your child and to make and share memories.

After a referral we offer a therapeutic assessment with one of our bereavement practitioners. This allows us to build a rapport and to introduce the range of services we offer from Bodie’s House. These range of services include:

• Early therapeutic support for individuals and couples
• 1-1 counselling
• 1-1 children and young people’s counselling support in school or at Bodie’s House
• Peers support groups for adults and children and young people

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Where will sessions take place?

Bodie’s House provides a range of comfortable therapeutic space’s where 1-1 and group sessions can take place.

Bodie’s House
254 Braunstone Lane

How can I make a referral?

We accept referrals from professionals and families, and you will find the forms below. If you would like to chat about this service before you complete a referral form, please contact Bodie’s Bereavement Service on or call 0116 2436367